· By Christian Senior

Honey Fungus - #miniatureSounds

Yes it's a small space. It's a small record shop. The idea that you can't get a full kit and a brass section in the gap can put some musicians off. The idea that we just open the doors and hope that an audience builds from the passing folk that are curious enough to stop and listen can be too off-putting for some.

Honey Fungus are seasoned veterans at this, they have played in all kinds of spaces, bigger and smaller than this, so when they were approached to play our first Miniature Sounds gig they didn't hesitate. The very popular husband and wife duo started out entertaining the apres-skiiers in the French Alps before settling back in Pembrokeshire and adding a rhythm section into the mix. This intimate set is a small selection of their growing catalogue of original songs.

Watch the first #miniatureSounds performance live from Dead Sea Records on You Tube - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qrMPMajemv4